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“If you sell to other businesses then you already understand the value of reference selling. You appreciate the importance of having a customer positively endorse your product or service."

Sharon Williams
Founder and CEO
of The Case Study Company and Taurus Marketing

"I've headed up companies, divisions and sales teams and these were the best case studies I have ever seen. The design was fantastic and the process intelligently thought out to allow a quick 'do I want to read this?'

Hugh Gyton
Managing Director

case study process

What’s a case study?

Case studies are stories about how your company and your product (or service) has worked successfully for your customer. These stories are powerful sales tools, professionally designed with your corporate branding and typically delivered in electronic format as a PDF and in print as a two sided fact sheet ready to add to your sales kit.

What does a case study look like?

To get your story across with maximum impact, we recommend no more than 700 words, with highlighted quotes and lots of sub-headings above short simply written paragraphs.
The text is typically laid out with logos and selected images that help tell the story, and professionally designed into a two-sided format. Business people are time constrained, so we make them concise, professional, attractive and easy to read.

What sort of people read case studies?

    • Business owners

    • Chief Executive Officers

    • Managing Directors

    • Financial Directors

    • IT Managers

    • Sales owners

    • Purchasing Management

    • Operational Management

    • ………most importantly your decision makers

Why are case studies so valuable?

When your customers go to buy a high value, big impact product or service, they want the security of knowing it’s a proven success and that your company is reliable and trustworthy. Case studies are a third party endorsement of your company.

How does a case study differ to advertising?

Advertising is ‘booked and paid for’ space; you don't pay your customers to tell your story. Case studies have all the credibility of an honest, approved, signed off account directly from your customers' lips of how they have successfully implemented your product or service. It simply doesn’t get any better!

Top 10 uses for your case study


  1. Hand them to prospects to answer specific objections

  2. Show potential customers that you understand their industry

  3. Show your customers how well you are doing

  4. Boost confidence in your company

  5. Show customers the range and breadth of your services

  6. Substantiate your proposals and your promises

  7. Enthuse and motivate your staff
  8. Use part of the stories in your advertising campaign

  9. Use them in job adverts

  10. Pitch the stories to the media


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