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Taurus Marketing

"Taurus prepared case studies of the highest standard for SecureData Group. Their work really stands apart from anything we've previously commissioned.
The Taurus ability to gain customer buy in is outstanding. Our customers were truly excited by the prospect of having case studies prepared; they felt like stars! Taurus made our customers appreciate that it was a win–win situation and the testimonials Taurus extracted were so impressive they couldn't have been better if we'd paid our clients to say it!
The standard of the writing was excellent, with one of the case studies being placed in The Australian IT Section as the lead case study. You can't say better than that!"

Gina Burman, Marketing Manager
SecureData Group

"Taurus are THE case study experts! Among Esker operations worldwide Australia has the reputation for developing the best case studies – thanks to Taurus."

James Elkington, Managing Director
Esker Software Australia